San Francisco cave

Tour of the San Francisco Cavern, birthplace of Yumbilla.
Departure time is 8 AM
Distance: 8 km
Time: 9 hours round trip

This trekking has a high difficulty and is only recommended for people with more physical training.
It is a route constructed by the residents of the district of Cuispes, on an 8.8 km trail, which leads from Cuispes to the top of the waterfall in approximately 4 and a half hours of walking at a slow pace and making stops to appreciate the landscape and rest.
In rainy season it becomes muddy and despite having a variable width between 1.5 and 2.5m, it is recommended to visit in dry weather. There are several sections where the slope is strong existing stone steps.
When you arrive at the top of the waterfall you can find , beside incredible views, the Cave of San Francisco de Yumbilla, impressive place of Beauty and mystery. The depth of this cave is still unknown since the villagers have only managed to enter 250 meters. This cave is approximately 5 meters high and 9 meters wide, from it springs a large mirror of crystalline water that later will form the Yumbilla Waterfall, you can see two white sand beaches on either side of the water source 2 meters width.


The guiding service providers are local people who do not work for La Posada de Cuispes, we only coordinate with them, the payment is direct to the guide.La Posada de Cuispes does not earn any profit with this service, therefore we are not responsible for this service. You will be traveling by your own with the help of local people.