San Jeronimo Sarcophagus trek

Distance: 9km
Time: 3h.

The Sarcophagus of Cerro El Tigre has been recently discovered and you like adventure, we recommend you to visit it, in our opinion it is much better than the famous sarcophagus of Karajía.

This trekking is done in coordination with the community of San Jerónimo. We help our guests to go to this enigmatic place independently, we will help you to get a private vehicle to travel to this community, with whom we will contact you in advance to wait for you to do the guided tour.
It is a trekking wich if you want you can use horses in the some part of the route.
 It is a really special place with really special people, we have had from little children to people above the 80´s and all of them return to La Posada with a big smile.

sarcophagi-tigre-san jeronimo-yumbilla

Sarcófagos Cerro el Tigre, foto Heinz Plenge

The private and guided transportation service providers are local people and locals who do not work for La Posada de Cuispes, we only coordinate as a COURTESY TO OUR GUESTS. The payment is directly to the driver of the vehicle and to the guides, therefore we are not responsible for this service. You will be traveling on your own by the help of locals.