Yumbilla waterfall trek

Trekking to “Medio Cerro” and “Crystal” Waterfalls ending with the Yumbilla waterfall of 895 meters high and fifth highest in the world.

Departure trek is 8 AM

Distance: 5 km

Time: 5 hours round trip approx.

Departing from the Plaza de Armas of Cuispes, this route runs, for the most part, under an exuberant jungle-browed vegetation.

We can appreciate, giant ferns, orchids, bromeliads, healing plants, “holy grass”, the mythological igrón tree, etc.

The fauna of the area is formed by a variety of birds and reptiles, among many others: the “Gallito de las rocas” (national bird of Peru), “mono choro” (stealing monkey), yellow-tailed monkey, toucan, parrots and sloths.

The guiding service providers are local people who do not work for La Posada de Cuispes, we only coordinate with them, the payment is direct to the guide.La Posada de Cuispes does not earn any profit with this service, therefore we are not responsible for this service. You will be traveling by your own with the help of local people.

Here you have some views of the forest in Cuispes